Saturday, June 4, 2016

Full of Surprise


It's been a while. It's too blehh to say that I were & am too busy with life. Nobody is too busy. It's a matter of priority, that's what I understood about "busy".  So in this case, I would rather say, I lost my interest in writing; perfect reason of why this blog has gone idle. I faced a lot of surprises. Adulthood sure is not easy.

Especially when the mistakes are strictly prohibited.
Bad decisions are bad. 
Direction of your life has been totally prepared.
You're questioning the meaning of your existence.
You're wondering if you're taking the right path.
Your age gives you the license to decide; but when you sit back and think , is it really?
Ups and down, ups and down everywhere.
Somebody tries to overwrite your definition of happy; and the worst part is, you allowed it to happen.

I used to be so happy with everything that I have. I were a kid. A hyper kid that cannot wait to explore the world. To learn. To smile. To LIVE. Nothing could demotivates me. Everything is the booster. But now, I wish motivation could be easily purchased from Instashop.

I try my best to convince myself that I have a happy life. That I am happy with what am I doing. It's a battle that I got to confront each day. Running from it won't settle my bills anyway.

Well, this is just a phase. The beginning has always been the toughest and yup, quite menggelupur I must say. To work. To study. Getting Married. Some people

Study -> Work -> Get Married; while some
Work -> Study -> Get Married; not to mention
Get Married -> Study -> Work; or
Study -> Get Married -> Work; nevertheless
Work -> Get Married -> Study

People live in different ways, destined with different stories and tied with different problems. Rezeki & jodoh come to the right people on the right time. Stop arguing about the right chronology whatsoever because there is NO right chronology, you people. We are having what is served with us want it or not. You can plan what to have but in the end, you will deserve what you deserve.

The unnecessary stress over "you should be this, you should have done that" really doesn't help.

*Let my grammar go wild. They need a break too.


  1. Rephrase. Build around *jargon*. Pour some emotion (e.g. anger) "I deliberately messed with their system. Again. They sent me back to the lowest pit of hell as a pariah amongst hellhounds." Please find my mistake(s) grammar police.

  2. Never know until its happens to me. world can become a place that are cruel but always remember Allah s.w.t never poured test to ummat that aren't capable. So, chin up sis shasha and smile positively to your bright future ahead..*cheezy*I actually just complete my diploma in IM..

  3. Hey,today I just read your blog when I am looking for presentation part.I found that your writing are interesting and awesome.I can feel that you're Happy-go-lucky type person until read this entry.I don't know what you are going through but I hope you stay strong.I pray that you will doing fine in the difficult time so that we can see KakaCacaa yang dulu.Do something that make you happy! :)) *sorry for the bad grammar

  4. jalan2 singgah mengambil nafas


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