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Life : It's Okay

Assalamualaikum and good day,everyone.

This is me writing. Like finally. Macam tak percaya there is one community, small one, yang menunggu my new entry to be published. Honestly, I got so much, like SO MUCH draft waiting to be finished and exposed to the world and this entry is one of 'em.
Currently, I'm unemployed. By the time I'm writing this, memang aku tak bekerja. I had myself resigned from my previous job for some personal reasons yang memang tak boleh cerita. But the reasons to quit were quite strong. I used to have everything. Semuanya. Kerja, gaji yang mantap, awesome bosses, awesome teammates, awesome time, somebody to love & to be loved by, family support and everything that significant to the word of "stability". Tapi ketahuilah roda sentiasa berputar. I always knew when I were at the top of the wheel long ago, later at some point of my life I will be there; down hitting the ground.

Sesetengah manusia mungkin tak boleh terima and get stress over…